Yazan Kawar

Design leadership

Hi, my name is Yazan and I have been building and scaling design teams for more than 20 years, building products on  web, mobile, AR/VR/XR, games and more.

When I'm not doing design, I ride my motorcycle looking for the ideal chocolate cake (recommendations welcome)
Creator 2.0

Web-based VR authoring tool

Complete redesign

Made the case to the executive team on why this product needs to be completely reimagined, from design to the platform it is built on, then completely designed and built it in a quarter of the time it took to build the original

Key impact:
1. switched platform to web, enabling faster development and a unblocking the engineering team to work on a familiar platform
2. Due to above, carved out more time to build additional features that improved training content
3. Reduced production time for content by at least 50%, enabling a stronger sales pipeline and more content to be generated

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Player Lobby

VR training lobby

Reimagining the learner experience

After identifying huge pain points with our learners, I led the product and engineering teams in building a whole new engaging experience, from design to code structure

Key impact:
1. Changing the environment resulted in more time spent in-headset by our learners, leading to less anxiety when training
2. Leading a design system built in unity ensured a better experience because of consistent interaction paradigms
3. Raised the quality bar by solving a key visual feature that made the environment look more engaging and hence increase user delight

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Dev site title image

Developer Site

Owning the front-end

After identifying a lack of resources on the engineering team in a critical time in the company where a developer site was needed, Design took on the front end completely and delivered on time

Key impact:
1. Taking load off of engineering for the front end freed up more time for them to focus on back-end functionality and other tasks
2. Released the site a couple of months earlier than deadline, which meant we had that much more time to promote it with our development partners
3. Took the opportunity to upskill the design team and have them learn a new tool and improve their web development skills

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